Onsite Energy Management


These specially trained experts will work with your staff to:

  • improve energy-related activities in your business
  • identify and obtain funding and financing opportunities
  • plan, implement and evaluate energy saving projects


Find out more: info@efficiencyns.ca or toll free at 1-877-999-6035

Enhance your business with an on-site energy manager, and find new ways to put money in your pocket – instead of on your power bill.


An embedded energy specialist will:

  • focus their complete attention on energy management activities
  • build a business case for energy efficiency projects
  • help you develop and execute an energy management plan
  • help you identify funding and obtain incentives and rebates for energy saving projects
  • track, measure and verify energy saving results
  • benchmark your organization’s energy use and savings against similar organizations


That’s when the benefits really begin. Improved energy efficiency makes your organization:

  •      Less expensive to operate
  •      More comfortable to work in
  •      More environmentally friendly
  •      More competitive

On-site energy management assistance is available for 12 months (or longer) for organizations that :

  • Demonstrate executive leadership support in pursuing long-term strategic energy management
  • Provide dedicated staff members to work with Efficiency Nova Scotia
  • Are able to invest capital in energy efficiency improvements
  • Are willing to sign a commitment to significant energy savings achievements

We have a number of specialists available covering areas such as:

  • health care
  • education
  • manufacturing


Get in touch to determine the best option for your business: info@efficiencyns.ca or toll free at 1-877-999-6035

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