Energy Use Research Study – Information and Consent

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Energy Use Research Study

Participant information & consent



1.0 Introduction and Purpose of Research

Thanks for participating in Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Energy Use Research Study!

This research is part of a broader study to examine energy use in homes, to help us determine the best ways to deliver efficiency services in the future.


2.0 Do I have to take part in this Pilot?

No! It is completely up to you. If you decide to take part, you can still change your mind and stop participating at any time by contacting Efficiency Nova Scotia or our project partner, SimpTek.


3.0 How long is the Pilot Program?

This pilot will take place over the next 12 – 14 months.


4.0 What will happen in this Pilot Program?

Upon giving consent and being selected as a participant, Efficiency Nova Scotia’s partner, Simptek, will arrange for a certified electrician (Evergreen Electric) to complete a final assessment of your home’s suitability, and install an Egauge 3010 home energy monitor (logger) in your home by accessing the electrical panel and your internet router.

At the end of the pilot period, Evergreen Electric will contact you to book an appointment to remove the monitoring equipment.

During both visits, the electrician will complete a compliance report to certify the installation and uninstallation meet with applicable trade and safety standards.


5.0 For your safety

The Eguage 3010 Home Energy Monitor is connected to your electric panel and will be installed by a licensed construction electrician. DO NOT attempt to remove or adjust this device or the box it is contained in yourself. Please contact SimpTek if you need assistance.


6.0 What are my responsibilities?

As a participant in the Energy Use Research Study you will be expected to:

  • Provide access to your electric panel and wifi router during the installation and uninstallation of the logger
  • Notify SimpTek if you suspect any issues with the home energy monitor during the course of the research
  • Notify Efficiency Nova Scotia if there is a significant change at your home during the research period. For example:
    • you sell your home;
    • you do major construction or efficiency upgrades (such as insulation, windows, doors);
    • you change heating or cooling systems, add solar panels, or wind turbines;
    • there are extended vacancies or a change in the # of people in the home; or
    • you add major ‘electrical load’ in your home (such as an electric vehicle, hot tub, or pool)
  • Participate in any quality assurance follow ups (phone or site visit – at your convenience)
  • Provide feedback if requested (for example, through short Efficiency Nova Scotia surveys)
  • Return the logger at the end of the research, or at request of Efficiency Nova Scotia


7.0 Contact information

For questions about your home energy monitor, please contact SimpTek at 1-647-795-1555.

For questions about the pilot or other Efficiency Nova Scotia programs, please contact Efficiency Nova Scotia at 1-877-999-6035.


8.0 Consent

I have reviewed all of the information in this consent form related to the pilot called:

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s energy use research study

I hereby consent and acknowledge that:

  • I am the owner of the property at which the data logger for the Energy Use Research Study will be installed.
  • Efficiency Nova Scotia or its agents/auditors may contact me for program or research administration, implementation, evaluation and/or provide me with information on this or other research or programs.

Efficiency Nova Scotia is a franchise operated by EfficiencyOne, official Licensee of the Province of Nova Scotia.  By providing your consent you agree to release your personal information to the current and successive holders of the Efficiency Nova Scotia franchise.


I hereby consent to the purposes for which Efficiency Nova Scotia is collecting, using and disclosing personal information as set out in Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Privacy Policy. More information on Efficiency Nova Scotia can be found online, by email or by phone.

I understand the above information and agree to take part in this pilot. I understand that I am free to withdraw at any time.

Web: Email: Phone: 1 877 999 6035