Insulation and Draft-Proofing Resources

Now that you have completed your Home Energy Assessment and have received your recommendation report, we want to help connect you with the right information to help inform your upgrade decisions. Together with our Efficiency Partners we have assembled a list of insulation and draft-proofing resources to help you better understand your home, highlight energy efficient options to consider when planning upgrades, and raise awareness about health and safety considerations.

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Insulation gun
Upgrading your insulation is one of the best investments you can make to improve your home’s energy efficiency. No matter your heat source, it’s important to take the steps to ensure your home is properly insulated–from basement to attic. Insulation will help maintain your perfect temperate year-round and significantly reduce wasted energy and money.



Man checking insulation
Did you know that up to 20% of heat loss in your home is caused by leaks around window and door frames? Draft-proofing is an easy and inexpensive DIY solution to help seal these gaps and prevent warm air from escaping. You can purchase most of the materials you need–like caulking and weather-stripping–at your local home improvement store. If you don’t feel comfortable completing the upgrades, consult with a professional to draft-proof your home for you.