| April 25, 2022

New Pilot Program: Solar for Non-Profits

Start Date: April 25, 2022

End Date: When funds have been fully committed for an estimated 84 eligible solar PV projects.

EfficiencyOne was asked by the Province to administer a pilot program to expand the SolarHomes program to include non-profit organizations. This will allow organizations such as churches and food banks to receive an incentive for the installation of an eligible solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Eligible participants for the Solar for Non-Profit Organizations offering must be registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks as a Society, Non-Profit Cooperative, or Limited Guarantee Company.

Eligible participants must apply to the program through a registered solar installer and be approved prior to installing their Solar PV system. Projects that are already installed prior to April 25, 2022 are not eligible.


$0.60/Watt (DC), up to $15,000 or 25% of eligible costs (whichever is lower). This corresponds with a system size of 25kW. Larger systems can still be proposed but the max incentive per project is $15,000.

Additional terms may apply. Keep an eye on the SolarHomes program page to learn more as information on this pilot becomes available.

Business Energy Rebates (BER) – Increased Incentives To Stay… For Now! 

Great news! Our incentives in BER are remaining increased, which means business owners can upgrade to energy efficient products for a lot less.

Help your customers save more with higher quality more efficient products for less. Enjoy increased instant and mail-in incentives that cover up to 50% of the cost on select lighting and commercial heating measures.

SolarHomes Quality Specialist Update

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and participation in the SolarHomes Quality Assurance Program. Please ensure you continue to save all necessary photos for photo inspections, and we will be arranging Spring site visits shortly.

The Solar Installer Scorecard has been distributed to all Registered Solar Installers. Thank you for promptly making any necessary changes.

We are proud to say the workmanship of the Solar Installers in the Efficiency Preferred Partner Network is meeting all targets for the program.

Beginning in May, we will be implementing a monthly Photo Inspection Scorecard that will be delivered at the beginning of each month to Solar Installers who have recently inspected photos.

Heating System Rebates Program

The Heating System Rebates Program has launched a new Midstream Incentive Pilot for Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Units. This offers the opportunity for Efficiency Preferred Partners to provide the Heating System Rebates incentives on eligible ETS units at point-of-sale, and be reimbursed by Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Space is still available for any interested participants. Please reach out to Program Manager Heather Bailey hbailey@efficiencyns.ca for more information.