| April 29, 2022

Nova Scotians saving over $1 billion in energy costs through energy efficiency, says EfficiencyOne 2021 Annual Report

Nova Scotians saving over $1 billion in energy costs through energy efficiency, says EfficiencyOne 2021 Annual Report


April 29, 2022 – Halifax/Kjipuktuk, NS – EfficiencyOne, the non-profit supplier of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas mitigation services and operator of Canada’s first energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Nova Scotia, released its 2021 Annual Report. The report details EfficiencyOne’s 2021 performance and results, and highlights the important contributions that energy efficiency has made in achieving the province’s climate action goals.

In 2021, EfficiencyOne continued to help even more Nova Scotians reduce their electricity use saving over $1 billion in energy costs – including over $258 million for low-income homeowners and tenants; contributing to 24% of the province’s overall greenhouse gas emission reductions; engaging over 21,000 students through the Green Schools Nova Scotia program; and, completing over 236 projects in Mi’kmaw communities.

“In 2021 we had to pivot the way we work to keep customers safe, ensure Nova Scotians had access to efficiency services, and modify our approach to address interruptions to our programs and services,” says Stephen MacDonald, EfficiencyOne President and Chief Executive Officer. “As we learn how to live with COVID-19, EfficiencyOne remains resilient and committed to helping ensure everyone can access and benefit from energy efficiency.”

In spring 2021 EfficiencyOne partnered with Natural Resources Canada to deliver the Canada Greener Homes Grant, one of only two provinces in Canada that will co-deliver the program with the federal government. To date, more than 10,000 Nova Scotians have registered for our Home Energy Assessment Program, which qualifies them to participate in Greener Homes.

“Administering the Canada Greener Homes Grant through Efficiency Nova Scotia makes it easy for Nova Scotians to take advantage of up to $5,000 in grants offered through the program,” adds MacDonald. “We are excited to be able to help make investing in energy efficiency even more affordable, to even more Nova Scotians.”

The report includes EfficiencyOne’s 2021 financial statements, along with details on how EfficiencyOne and its partners continued to support climate action across the province.

You can read EfficiencyOne’s 2021 Annual Report here: https://www.efficiencyone.ca/impact/annual-report/ 

About EfficiencyOne

EfficiencyOne, operating in Nova Scotia as Efficiency Nova Scotia, has a proven track record of success in designing and delivering resource efficiency programs and services for homes, businesses, and large industrial customers. EfficiencyOne has received national recognition for its high electricity and heating fuel savings achievements, as well as its low-income services and innovative Indigenous programs. Learn more at www.efficiencyone.ca.