Investigation Application – Terms and Conditions

I hereby consent and acknowledge that:

a) I hereby consent to the release, use, storage and exchange of information between Efficiency Nova Scotia and the Company’s electricity provider, including, but not limited to, name(s), addresses, electricity usage history, and phone number(s), including such information on all accounts that the Company has with its electricity provider, for the purposes of determining eligibility for, and administering, the program. Such information may continue to reside on the Efficiency Nova Scotia’s computer system as well as the Company’s electricity provider’s.

b) Efficiency Nova Scotia may contact me by phone, email, direct mail or similar method for the purposes of program administration, implementation and evaluation and/or provide me with further information on this or other similar conservation-related programs.

c) I understand that participation in the program is subject to availability of funds, program goals and the eligibility of the business under the program guidelines.

d) Incentive eligibility is based on eligibility of the facility, the equipment or system studied and the intended start date for the study. Efficiency Nova Scotia may, in its sole discretion, accept other projects (e.g. Facilities with a peak electrical demand below 50 kW (kVA), or studies not prepared or signed by an Efficiency Nova Scotia Existing Building Service Provider). Facilities with a peak electrical demand below 50 kW (kVA), or studies not prepared or signed by an Efficiency Nova Scotia Existing Building Service Provider).

e) Copies of invoices are required to support all claimed costs. Efficiency Nova Scotia may request additional information as needed to verify the eligibility of the claimed costs.

f) The maximum incentive available is 100 per cent of eligible investigation study costs up to a maximum of $2,500. Payments will be processed after approval of the Master List of Findings. Funding provided for an Investigation Study will be deducted from the total incentive available.

g) Eligible Investigation Study costs are disbursements (excluding staff labour costs) directly related to the Investigation Study. Harmonized Sales Tax (“HST”) is eligible unless a customer is exempt from payment of HST, or a customer is eligible for a refund of the HST paid. Costs relating to power factor correction or demand-limiting measures are not eligible.

h) I submit this application as a duly authorized representative of the Company and that I have the authority to bind the Company. The information given in this application is accurate in all respects. I agree to all terms and conditions set out in this application.

i) Efficiency Nova Scotia has no responsibility for false or misleading information in the Investigation Study report. The responsibility for accuracy rests with the service provider that helped prepare and/or signed the report.

j) Efficiency Nova Scotia is a franchise operated by EfficiencyOne, official Licensee of the Province of Nova Scotia. By completing and submitting this form, I agree to release my company information to the current and successive holders of the Efficiency Nova Scotia franchise.

k) By completing and submitting this form, I hereby consent to the purposes for which Efficiency Nova Scotia is collecting, using and disclosing company information as set out in Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Privacy Policy. More information on Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Privacy can be found online, or by email,