Efficiency Preferred Partner Exclusive.
Your incentive. Your way.

The Contractor Direct Incentive offers Efficiency Preferred Partner (EPP) organizations financial incentives to support the implementation of efficiency measures for their customers in Nova Scotia. Incentives are based on individual measures implemented, with bonuses for high energy saving measures with lower adoption.


Projects may be eligible for the Contractor Direct Incentive if:

  • Your company is an Efficiency Preferred Partner in good standing.
  • They include implemented measures going through the Small Business Energy Solutions (SBES) or Business Energy Rebate (BER) programs for business, non-profit, and institutional (BNI) customers. (Agricultural, commercial kitchen and commercial laundry measures are excluded from this incentive).
  • Measures are implemented and close-out documentation is completed and submitted within the incentive period.

How it Works

  1. The incentive period will run from May 1st, 2024, through to October 31st, 2024. *
  2. Efficiency Preferred Partners listed as Primary Contractors on projects running through the Small Business Energy Solutions and Business Energy Rebate programs will be flagged for assessment.
  3. Upon submission of all close-out documentation, eligible implemented efficiency measures will be determined.
  4. The primary contractor will receive a base incentive of 3% of the customer rebate for all eligible measures.
  5. Bonus measures will be eligible for an additional incentive of 3, 4, or 5% of the customer rebate on top of the base incentive. A full list of bonus measures can be found below.


Measure installed: Large Air Source Heat Pump (>= 135,000 BTU/hr and < 240,000 BTU/hr)
Customer rebate: $8,400
Base Incentive: $252
Bonus Incentive: $420

Total Contractor Direct Incentive: $672

*Incentive funding is limited, and Efficiency Nova Scotia reserves the right to extend or close the incentive offering when the funding is fully committed at Efficiency Nova Scotia’s full discretion.

Bonus Measure Incentives

Measure CategoryBonus LevelMeasure NameSavings Per UnitProgram Guide Link
HVAC5%Large Air Source Heat Pump (>= 135,000 BTU/hr and < 240,000 BTU/hr)43641Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC5%Large Air Source Heat Pump (>= 65,000 BTU/hr and <135,000 BTU/hr)26972Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC5%Ground Source Heat Pump - Closed Loop/Direct Geoexchange22979Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
Motors5%Variable Frequency Drive16347Commercial VFD Rebate Guide
HVAC5%HVAC Air-to-Water Heat Pump14213Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC5%Small Single Package Heat Pump System - Commercial10169Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC4%Small Multi-Zone Heat Pump - Commercial9895Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC4%Small Centrally Ducted Split System Heat Pump - Commercial9565Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC4%RTU with DCV and VFD8479Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
DHW4%DHW Heat Pump Water Heater8198Commercial Water Heating Rebate Guide
Pumping4%Booster Pump7420Commercial Pumping Equipment Rebate Guide
HVAC4%RTU with DCV only7206Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
Refrigeration4%Discus or Scroll Refrigeration Compressor5969Commercial Refrigeration Rebate Guide
HVAC4%Small Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump - Commercial5227Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC4%Small Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump - MURB4303Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC4%Packaged Terminal Heat Pump3211Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
HVAC4%Water Source Heat Pump - Closed Loop/Direct Geoexchange2089Commercial Heating Rebate Guide
Pool3%Pool Pump1754Commercial Pool Equipment Rebate Guide
Refrigeration3%Evaporator Fan Motor Controls1691Commercial Refrigeration Rebate Guide
Pumping3%High Efficiency Circulator Pump1307Commercial Pumping Equipment Rebate Guide