Eco Shift FAQs

Demand response is a way to balance electricity supply and demand by adjusting customer energy usage. To do this, a demand response event can be called during peak energy usage periods.

Eco Shift is an Efficiency Nova Scotia Demand Response Program Pilot. It is a voluntary program that rewards you for reducing your electricity use during periods of high demand, which also helps ensure the reliability of the electricity grid.

During an event, your enrolled devices will automatically adjust their temperature slightly or pause charging.

For some electric vehicles, charging settings are not automatic. In these cases, you may receive a notification of an event and be asked to voluntarily pause charging for the event period.


When there’s exceptionally high demand for electricity, this program will help reduce the demand, especially on very cold winter days when many people are using their heating. As a participant you can help improve grid reliability and help keep electricity cost-effective by delaying the need for building new power plants.

Participants agree to take part in events ranging from 1-4 hours, between Monday and Friday usually first thing in the morning, or in the evening when you get home from work. You can anticipate at least one event, and a maximum of up to 12 events throughout a season.

Prior to the event, participants will receive a notification via email and SMS, with the option to opt-out of SMS after enrollment. Some device manufacturers may also provide in-app notification.

Nothing! Participants can opt out at any time. Registered devices will be turned down or charging will be paused during demand response events and will resume normal operation following the events.

For some vehicles, charging settings are not automatic. In these cases, you may receive a notification of an event and be asked to voluntarily pause charging for the event period.

No, the utility cannot shut down, lockout, or limit changes to the device. The utility will make small adjustments to the device’s operation during specified demand response events. The participant can override and opt out at any time.

At all times, the customer has ultimate control of their device and can opt out anytime. A customer may manually override the event by changing their device settings either on the device itself or through the device-specific application. Once the device settings are changed, the customer has successfully opted out of an event.

To qualify for the Program, the following requirements must be met:


  • Be a Nova Scotia Power customer
  • Be on a residential or commercial rate code (cannot be on a Time-of-Day or Time-varying-Pricing rate)
  • Be the utility account holder
  • Must accept the Terms and Conditions of the program
  • Must own a qualifying device(s)


    • Owned by participant
    • Electrically powered
    • Commonly be in operation from December through February, including consistent connection to the internet
    • Not be already participating in and/or receiving recurring incentives from an existing Efficiency Nova Scotia or Nova Scotia Power demand response program.

    Click here to see our list of eligible devices.

    If you believe you qualify for the program, and are interested in participating, please complete the enrollment form to apply for the program and enroll your devices.

    Some device types will require you to login to the manufacturer apps accounts during sign-up. In these cases, you will be directed to the appropriate login page after completing the program application form.

    Qualifying electric vehicles must also have an active subscription with your vehicle manufacturer’s internet service app, which is often made available to owners at no or a low cost. You will be directed to the connection page, with sign-up information, during the program application process.

    Creating a homeowner account is optional and is for this program only. Login details are unique to this account.

    If you do decide to access this account, you will be able to see:

      • Which devices you have enrolled in the program
      • How many events have been run for your devices
      • Update account information

    This account does NOT provide you with program enrollment status. Your account can be accessed while your application is being processed.

    Mysa devices may show as “offline” in the Efficiency Nova Scotia Homeowner account even if your devices are connected to the internet. This is because device online/offline information for Mysa devices is not currently shared with this account.

    You can access your sign in page

    You can choose to login to your account two ways:

      • Request a secure link sent to your registered email address. A new link must be requested with each sign in o Use a password. This can be created during your first sign in attempt by clicking on “Forgot password.”

    • Participants will receive two incentives.
    • A one-time enrollment incentive per household after being accepted into the program; additional per device incentives are available to those who enroll multiple qualifying smart thermostats.
    • A participation incentive at the end of each event season (December to February) for each device category that had confirmed enrollment and participated in the majority of the events throughout the season.


    Technology Enrolment incentive Participation

    (Annual incentive) 

    Base enrolment

    (One Time)

    Additional device


    (One Time) 

    Smart Thermostats $25/household $15/device $30/household
    Electric Vehicles $50/household Not applicable $50/device
    Household Batteries $500/household $300/kW


    Participants will be issued a participation incentive in March, following participation in each demand response season (December to February), as well as an enrollment incentive 5 business days following confirmation of program enrollment. Confirmation of program enrollment can be expected within 10 business days of applying for the program.

    Efficiency Nova Scotia is working with Nova Scotia Power and with a third party, CLEAResult, to administer certain elements of the program. We are also working with Virtual Peaker, which provides the software solution that enables us to communicate with connected smart devices. Nova Scotia Power will be calling events for all devices.

    Responses to email inquiries may be sent from a CLEAResult email address ( rather than an Efficiency Nova Scotia address ( These are legitimate email responses from program support staff.

    To administer the program, we need to collect participants’ name, address, phone number, and email address. Enrolled devices will share setpoint, room temperature, serial numbers and state of charge (for EVs). This information will be accessible to only Efficiency Nova Scotia and its implementation vendors.

    Efficiency Nova Scotia can only support eligible devices at this time, but we’d love to hear from you! Please email the pilot team at with the following details:

    • Name
    • Contact details (email and/or phone number)
    • Postal code
    • Device details:
      • Manufacturer
      • Brief device description (i.e. smart thermostat – electric heat, electric vehicle)

    Efficiency Nova Scotia is not responsible for the purchase, installation, or maintenance of devices. Please refer to the individual manufacturer for installation recommendations.

    Smart thermostats and vehicle chargers can be purchased via the manufacturer’s website or many local and online retailers.

    Electric vehicles are available through many local dealerships.

    Please consult a qualified electrician on how to source and install a home battery storage system.

    Efficiency Nova Scotia provides rebates on eligible smart thermostats at participating locations, which can be referenced here:

    Please contact the device-specific manufacturer for troubleshooting support. Contact Efficiency Nova Scotia if you require support participating in demand response events through the Eco Shift program.

    You can contact our Energy Solutions Advisors at 1-877-999-6035 or email