Crombie REIT

Sometimes you need that extra room in the budget for energy efficiency upgrades, and Efficiency Nova Scotia has filled that gap for us.

Crombie REIT is a real estate company that owns and operates many commercial and retail buildings in HRM, including the Scotia Square properties. Pat Poirier, Manager of Engineering & Sustainability, was looking for ways to save some money on operational costs and power bills. So, he got in touch with Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Poirer wanted to improve on the properties’ energy efficiency, but it was finding room in the budget that was proving to be the biggest challenge. “Sometimes you need that little bit extra, and Efficiency Nova Scotia has filled that gap for us,” he concluded.

$150,000 savings annually on the power bill

The Scotia Square properties were retrofitted with chilled water pumps using the rebates and incentives offered for businesses, with Crombie REIT upgrading over 700 LED lights, and controlled ventilation systems. They were big projects that paid off in a big way. How big? They’re now saving over $150,000 a year on power bills, customers and employees are more comfortable, and the properties’ day-to-day operations have less of an impact on the environment. With upgrades like that, it’s easy to see how Crombie REIT is enjoying the good things efficiency brings.

And your business can too. From rebates to retrofits, you’ll have more control over monthly spending on power, while creating a better environment for your business, and the world.

Learn how your business can start enjoying the good things efficiency brings.