New Home Construction – Case Study (Lower Sackville)

The homeowner wanted to save money on her heating bill and increase the comfort of her home. With help from Efficiency Nova Scotia, she chose her recommended upgrades and is now saving more than $400 in energy costs per year.

Savings in Energy Costs: $410.00 per year
Estimated Payback for Energy Upgrades: 12 Years


Year constructed: 2016
Size: 880 ft2
Style: Mini home
EnerGuide Rating: 84

Energy Saving Features

  • Air source heat pump
  • Efficient lighting throughout
  • Raised heel roof truss with R-60 insulation

Design Comparison

Building Component/ItemBuilding Code StandardAs Built
Building Envelope
CeilingR-50 with standard heel (effective R-39)R-60 with raised heel (effective R-55)
Exterior WallsR-22 battsR-24 batts
Exposed FloorsR-32 battsR-32 batts
WindowsDouble pane/Low-E/ArgonDouble pane/Low-E/Argon
Mechanical Systems
Heating SystemElectric baseboardMinisplit heat pump (HSPF 10, SEER 25.5)
Domestic Hot WaterElectric hot water tankElectric hot water tank
Heat Recovery Ventilator60% efficient heat recovery60% efficient heat recovery
LightingIncandescent lightingLED lighting
ThermostatsBi-metal, non-programmableelectric, programmable
EnerGuide Rating8184
Annual energy consumption14,532 kWh11,788 kWh
Annual energy cost$2,179.80$1,768.20
Financial Comparison
Cost of energy upgrades$0$6,000
Rebate from Efficiency Nova Scotia$0$1,0001
Monthly energy costs$181.67$147.33

1 Based on current rebates through Efficiency Nova Scotia’s New Home Construction Program: rebates available at the time of registration may vary


Final EnerGuide Rating: 84
Annual Energy Consumption: 11,788 kWh