Power up
with the power of the sun
rooftop solar panels


Conventional home and water heating equipment can be costly, and contribute to carbon emissions. Take advantage of an abundant renewable resource to heat your home and the water you use every day. Solar home and water heating equipment capture sunshine and turn it into energy to heat your home—which translates into savings in your energy use, your money, and our environment.

This equipment requires little maintenance, and rebates for eligible homeowners are available year-round. Solar equipment is certainly a bright idea for homes of any type.

Discover the next steps to making your home more comfortable and efficient.
Potential Rebate
Up to $6,000 on approved solar PV systems
New and existing homes can benefit from rebates on solar panel installation. Apply for a rebate through the SolarHomes program.
Potential Rebate
Up to $1,000 on approved solar thermal equipment
Home Energy Assessment
A $99 Home Energy Assessment is the best way to discover how to save energy. In a 2-3 hour assessment, an Energy Advisor will review your home for insulation levels, air leakage, and mechanical systems. Take advantage of rebates on qualifying upgrades.
Potential Rebate
Up to $400 for solar thermal equipment
Heating Systems Rebates
Upgrade to an efficient home heating system and we’ll offer rebates to complement your monthly savings and cozy, comfortable home.
Potential Rebate: Up to $6,000
Solar PV

Solar PV powered homes can help you reduce your energy bills by $1,500 per year on average.

solar panels
Potential Rebate: Up to $400
Solar Air Heating Equipment

Solar air heaters capture heat from sunlight, a renewable energy source that’s surprisingly abundant in Nova Scotia, and uses it to heat your home.

solar panel
Potential Rebate: Up to $1000
Solar Water Heating Equipment

Solar hot water systems convert sunshine to heat energy and use it to pre-heat your hot water, saving you up to 50% on your bills.

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